Save 20% on Soul Food until August 31st, 2018

Save 20% on Soul Food until August 31st, 20182018-07-27T14:13:43-07:00

Have you ever wondered what you can do to lead a more fulfilling life?

Have you felt disconnected, not even really knowing yourself, let alone others? Have you felt like you are the only one who doesn’t seem to have your act together?

Well you aren’t alone! There are millions of people walking this earth not knowing why they are doing what they are doing and don’t know what to do to change.

Change is a constant in living. We need to be adaptable and flexible.
Change can be that green growing edge of becoming.
And you bet, it can be scary.

So what can you do to make this easier to navigate? It all begins within. How do you begin to know what changes will have the biggest and best impact? Which changes are worthy of your time and attention in a day that already seems over-full?

Soul Food, A 90 Day Journey Of Self Discovery While Building Nourishing Habits by Carol Lowell - Kindred Spirit Studio

The answer always lies in your heart … because, when you truly listen, it guides you to do, be and act in the best way for YOU. And the only way to really develop the conversation with your heart is in practices that allow you to become fully present to listen.

When you do listen, hear and act upon your heart’s calling, you will feel lighter, with more joy and satisfaction. And imagine how others around you will feel in your presence? There will be more calm, more compassion and more connection.

So how do you go deeper, listen better, find that stillness to communicate with your heart?

Well I have made it easy in a 90 day “play” book
entitled SOUL FOOD

This beautiful and inspiring book is easily and thoroughly laid out in a way to help build soul nourishing habits, gently, over 90 days.

Over three 30 day sections, you go a little deeper in knowing your heart. Healthy awareness practices like gratitudes, doing something you love, meditation, journalling and much more allow you to connect to the one person who should know you best … YOU.

Purchase Soul Food at 20% Off!
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