Soul Food is now on!

Dear friends,

So excited that copies of Soul Food are now available to the Canadian public, just in time for Christmas shopping and the creation of worthy New Year’s Resolutions! My wish is to gently support people in building habits that make for an outstanding year ahead.

More satisfaction! More joy! More love! More living from your heart!

I know that as you put these practices in place for yourself, you will become a mentor for others, just by how you show up in the world.

Soul Food Book


Reviews are the life-blood of authors and books. Even writing a one sentence review helps to build credibility and to bring awareness. Here the links to and to Goodreads and you can post the same review on both if you like. I so appreciate any time you can give this.

Books should be available on in Jan 2018. I’ll keep you posted!

The Long Road

It’s been a long journey to get here, far longer than I thought! It makes me laugh to think that at this time last year, I thought the book would be ready for sale by Jan 2017! As with anything that’s worthwhile, there’s often more to it than we think. This year has been a journey of discovery for me as well. I’ve been evolving the practices within this book for years, and after laying them all out, it has been a year of reaping the benefits as I’ve embraced the transformation from artist, to author, to publisher… to distributor! When we show up grounded, we’re a whole lot more open to grace and ease. My daily Soul Practices have allowed me to have patience because I accept that there is a divine timing involved that I have no control over. I’m navigating unfamiliar waters, entering into the world of publishing, but I’m not afraid. Connecting to my true self each day gives me the confidence that I can do anything and that the right people will show up to help me. I am so fortunate for my Dream Team, that share my common vision. I’m so proud of the results of our labours of love! I hope that this work is of service to you and to those you love as we all live into our greatness.

Shop Soul Food today and begin your journey of self discovery!

Shop Soul Food today and begin your journey of self discovery!

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