Soul Food Book Launch – Still on its Way

Soul Food Book Launch – Still on its Way

Going with the Flow

Some things just need more time before they are ready to face the world. After birthing 3 children, who all came later than expected, I know full well how to surrender to a timing that is not of my orchestrating. That doesn’t mean that I still don’t get excited with anticipation, or a little frustrated with more setbacks. But ultimately, if it is not in my control, then why waste precious energy in angst? Not to mention, perhaps there is a reason for delays… the timing may allow for improvements that become essential later on.

So … on that note, my book is coming! This ‘baby’ too has a timing all its own, and good things are definitely worth waiting for. Meanwhile, as a thank you for your patience…

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The Proof

I received the colour copy proof last week and it is delightful. I wanted my book to be inviting, to create a desire to make your unique marks amongst its pages. And I believe I have done just that. And I truly can’t wait to share it with the world … but truly, I can wait … because I must! And so must you! But I promise that I am doing what I can to ensure that it will go to print as soon as possible, and in the best format as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience, your support and enthusiasm. And I look forward to reaching out again soon with news of a launch!


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