Personal Pre-Sales have Begun!

Soul Food is available

I’ve got stacks of full colour copies of Soul Food all around me! For now, I can hand sell a signed copy for cash, cheque or e-transfer. Shipping will be cheaper (if not free) and easier once the book is on Amazon.

Soul Food Book

My Author Journey

I have a history of book printing in my lineage. My great-grandfather started the Lowell Press in Kansas City, which was later run by my grandfather and then my uncle. Who would have thought that I would become a published author requiring the expertise of my ancestors. Of course, the world of printing has changed significantly since the days of the printing press. And my journey has allowed me a greater knowledge of this business that I have entangled myself in.

I Broke Amazon!?

Soul Food was initially going to be a Print-On-Demand book which would have been relatively risk free on my part. It would have required getting the word out there that the book exists, but what gets purchased gets printed. But that was not to be because my full colour 314 page book file broke the system and could not be uploaded, not unless we reduced the image quality. That was not an option for me, and keeping it full colour was a must. It is just so dreamy and welcoming in colour. So looking for a company to print the book became the next phase. I found a printer in the US, but the costs are high between printing and shipping.

This Book’s Journey

I did place a print order from that US company to appease the waiting local friends and family. And I am learning more as I go out and market the book and its message to local book stores, health stores and gift shops. What a fascinating and intriguing place to be in … selling myself and my creation. But it is a lot easier than I thought it would be because the message rings true and it is a creation that is to be of service. As I tell the various potential “clients” … each book will be as unique as it’s owner because of the marks each person will make. I have supplied the guidance and now it is for each participant to create their own work of art.

The Next Phase

So … as a further update … I am looking at overseas printing. I have found a place that will take this project on, but now I need to find a distributor to handle the order. I do not want to be finding a market for thousands of books! I do hope that we have something set up for the fall to get books available for online orders. But in the meanwhile, if you are in my neck of the woods, please let me know and I can get you a signed copy.

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Thank you SO much for your interest, your support and your patience. Have a great day … today and everyday … and I look forward to reaching out to you again soon with exciting news. With love and gratitude,

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