Holiday Sale on this Weekend – 25% Off Soul Food!

Holiday Sale on this Weekend – 25% Off Soul Food!

Hello there!

First I would like to extend a very Happy Thanksgiving to all our American neighbours … family, friends and those of you I don’t yet have the privilege to know. It is a significant day to give gratitude for the things in our life that truly matter. But if you know anything about me and my practices, I believe spending a few minutes to give thanks is something to acknowledge and give reverence to on a daily basis.

It is amazing to think that 2018 is quickly coming to an end. I have been on some amazing adventures this fall, thus my absence from these pages. In the last 5 1/2 months, I have only been home 3 weeks. But it was of my own doing, saying yes to opportunities … like immersing myself in the Peruvian culture and standing amongst the regal and impressive ruins of Machu Picchu; taking creative courses and Painting Fearless in Oaxaca, Mexico; continuing my self-improvement and expansion study with Master Mind trips to LA and Portland; plus our summer escape to the BC interior. It has fed my soul and helped to change my perspective, as all growth and expansion work does. It was wonderful to share these journeys with my family and friends. I am indeed blessed and have SO much to be thankful for!

As the year comes to an end for you … and on the heals of the American Thanksgiving … remember to take the moments to cherish the people, places and events that have allowed you to grow into a better version of yourself. Celebrate your wins of when you gave a hardy “Yes” to the experiences and opportunities that have come your way to grow and expand, whether big or small. Small victories add up too!

Life is a journey. We long for and focus on the destinations we set, but ultimately it is really all about who we are becoming in the process.

So as the holidays approach, and time can seem to fly by even quicker, take the time to truly nourish yourself, to celebrate the things you have done that mattered, to honour the journey you have been on. Recognize the greatness that is YOU! And then go forth and touch the world with your beautiful light!

In the spirit of Gratitude and Sharing, my book Soul Food is on sale on Amazon November 23-26th … just in time for the holidays and the start of a brand new never-been-lived-before year ahead! It is an easy and caring gift to give to those who matter … and that includes you!



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