Carol Lowell,

Artist, Author & Teacher


As someone who loves to gather and to share, I live by the mottos “The More, The Merrier” and “The More We Give, The More We Receive”. My greatest passions are my family, the discovery of new things, and living with an adventurous spirit. I love to encourage others to find what makes their heart sing and to live from that soul-centred place… a place I try to always reside.

Through the regular practice of creative endeavours and connecting to our spirit, I know that we can embrace and live our best life… through the expression of our unique gifts… our soul voice. It is my desire to help others find that voice and to give it strength, courage and love.

I am a Mixed-Media Artist, Author, Certified Life Coach, quilter, photographer, book maker, wife, mom and explorer who lives in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

More About Me

Transforming Circumstances

In 2009, I started losing my peripheral vision. Over a period of 3 months of specialist appointments and tests, it was found that I had a brain tumour. This gave me enough time to come to terms with any outcome, knowing that it was out of my hands and that I needed to accept it. The results showed that I needed to have surgery. I kept wondering when the fear would hit me, but it never did. Perhaps it was odd, but I was filled with gratitude that there were people in the world who wanted to study and perform brain surgery!

This experience confirmed my long-time belief that how we decide to interpret things plays a huge role in the outcome. Things that could be seen as tragic can be transformed into experiences of grace and ease.

Life’s Work

As the youngest of 4 girls, I was born the day after my eldest sister’s 5th birthday. There were lots of hand-me-downs in my childhood, but I didn’t begrudge them. Being born into my family of 5 children taught me about belonging to a tribe, about sharing and about giving.

As I grew up, I always had this strong pull towards speaking my truth. Of course, there were times when I struggled with when to share my authentic self, and the deeper truths it was telling me. Art and journaling were some of the ways I could honour and work through what truly mattered to me without worrying about what others needed. Oddly enough, as this self-care grew, it grounded me and supported me in caring for others.

Having children of my own, I felt very strongly that my main goal as a mother was to help them find and listen to their own soul voices, that deepest, purest part of themselves. I wanted them to hear their own inner guidance, but also to know what it’s like to be part of a tribe, a much greater family that cares for each other. Now that my 3 kids are older, I’d like to share this life’s work with others.

It is my hope to empower people to discover their unique greatness through exploring their creativity and finding their soul voice.

Listening to Others

At the age of 20, I got on the SeaBus, our local ferry, with a very angry stranger. He was swearing loudly, and the crowd parted to avoid him. As luck would have it, he sat down next to me. Part of me wanted to get up and move, but I decided instead to be curious. As he began to swear at me, I stopped him and asked, “Why are you acting like this? People around you are rejecting you, but is that really what you want?”

He told me about the girlfriend that he’d been about to propose to, and how she had dumped him. He’d gotten drunk and been fired from his job. I listened and felt for him. I told him that there were people who loved him and asked him who they were. He said it was his brother. I told him he needed to be with his brother now, and he agreed that he would make that call. As we got off the ferry, he hugged me and whispered that he’d been thinking about taking his own life. This was such a lesson for me. When we take the time to see and hear each other, the compassion that comes out of that is life changing, for everyone involved.

Life Coach & Teacher

In September 2017, I became a Certified Life Coach in the Dream Builder and Life Mastery Program run by Mary Morrissey in Los Angeles. I am now a “Dream Builder Coach” as well as a “Life Mastery Consultant”.

Working personally with Mary for almost 4 years has given me a deeper understanding of our role in creating a life we love. This has been a period of transformation for me and I’d like to share this empowerment with others.

In the coming months, I’m planning to host and facilitate in-person group classes on using creativity to know ourselves better. I want to create an atmosphere of community, fun and purpose, with a focus on self discovery rather than on final products.

If this interests you, please join my newsletter for updates about this project.

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